Pastel colours around your house – are they a good choice? 

Whites, beiges and many shades of grey are definitely the most popular choices when it comes to interior design. They are versatile, universal and go well with most styles and arrangements. But beige can leave you feeling just that – beige,  so if you feel stagnant and are looking for inspiration, something that can transform your house interior, without going completely wild with bright and vibrant colours, then look no further. We have a perfect solution – pastel colours will inject positive energy to your home and outrun the boredom. Read on to learn about the best colour compositions we have discovered! 

For years pastel colours were mainly connected with children’ bedrooms but in contemporary house designs, they are making their way into stylish living rooms, cosy bedrooms and farm-style kitchens. Summer is an ideal season to introduce some positive vibes to our homes and pastel colours are much more universal than intense dark shades. They also optically lift the interiors. 

What shades do we recommend? 

  • Powder pink or slightly dusty pink are both beautiful shades of pink. Perfect for bedrooms to bathrooms, and works well with wood, metallics, black, grey and terracotta.  
  • Coral, which won the colour of 2019 by the Pantone Institute, is a subtle, whitewashed shade that will work great in any interior.
  • Baby blue is a very timeless colour, charming and associated with the boundless sky evokes positive emotions and helps good concentration. Available in a wide range of shades, you can choose the perfect one.
  • Mint a subtler offspring from more popular dark greenery. This colour performs well in a duo or solo, introducing a little bit of natural energy.
  • Lavender is not only a beautiful flower but a very effective colour too. Very elegant and subtle. 

How to best combine pastels with other colours?


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Mixing pastels with neutral colours is possibly the safest and most elegant combination. You can add them to whites, beiges, magnolia, or greys. They will look stunning as both wall colours or as additional detail to your interior. 

These effective colour fusions will work in all kind of interiors – larger spaces or more cosy rooms. They are also typical to scandi style, so if you are inspired by their minimalist arrangements, this should be a perfect blend for you. 


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If you worry about the end result being too delicate or not bold enough, or if you want to make a bolder statement, combining pastels with intense colours is a great solution. Contrasting colours can help you achieve a great design! Such remarkable connections can truly transform your room into a real head-turner, giving it a unique, original character. Here is an example of a powder pink wall becoming a background for a bottle green sofa, conquering the depth of its colour.

There is a whole range of pastels in multiple shades and hues, so we believe that everyone can find their own personal favourite! They are positive, vivid and light – hence will make a perfect match with many interiors. 

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