Like in any other profession, architects are only human beings, and they don’t always get it right…Over the centuries and throughout the world, and long before stringent health and safety rules and regulations, there are a number of examples of architectural designs that didn’t quite work and are scarily terrifying or funny. 

From walkways with structural panels blocking the way, through to garage doors placed on the third floor of an apartment building and many engineering fails involving either stairs, balconies or pathways…the list is never-ending …

Some would, quite rightly, argue that those examples have nothing to do with architecture but the builders themselves. Here are some scary examples how things go wrong as a result of builders not using architects…or inspector, or filling for approval. 

We have compiled a list of top 5 funniest modern architectural fails…ready for some goosebumps? 

1. Walkaways are not easy to incorporate, said nobody ever!

2. Stairs can be complicated… more so than we think…

3. When privacy is clearly not your top priority…

Ahead of your times with futuristic thinking, awaiting flying cars.… (look again and you will see it !)

5. Ready…set, duck under…

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