As quoted by  ‘Manifesto for ethical sourcing: 10 pledges to create a squeaky clean industry,’ the term ‘ethical sourcing’ is often used interchangeably with ‘responsible sourcing’, and while there is debate over its scope and definition, our view is that it means taking responsibility for specification decisions and making choices that support both organisations and suppliers that value and demonstrate ethical working practices.  In architecture, this would relate to the environmental impact of products and material used, with some elements of social and economic factors. 

Because sustainability in building developments is a vast and complex subject, it should be considered in the early stages of the project, as the potential environmental impacts are very significant (ref. Technology Strategy Board).

According to the Designing Buildings Wilki,  the built environment accounts for:

  • 45% of total UK carbon emissions (27% from domestic buildings and 18% from non-domestic).
  • 72% of domestic emissions arise from space heating and the provision of hot water.
  • 32% of landfill waste comes from the construction and demolition of buildings.
  • 13% of products delivered to construction sites are sent directly to the landfill without being used.

These staggering statistics suggest that it’s the industry as a whole that needs to collaborate to tackle the environmental impact it has on our planet. Joint with government targets for the low carbon emission and building regulations, the National Planning Policy Framework speaks in favour of granting planning permissions for sustainable developments. 

Here at the JDW Architects, we believe that moral stand is also important in doing the right thing in terms of respecting the environment. We embed ethical policies in our daily practice and implement robust due diligence as well as comprehensive risk management. 

Please check out our portfolio to see examples of our sustainable projects and our approach. As a practice, we like to work in collaboration with you to develop your ideas alongside our own to ensure aspirations are not just met but exceeded. To understand more about our design processes and techniques, contact us directly. 

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